Caretaker/Site manager- New Mill Infant and Junior Schools (Learning Accord Multi Academy Trust)

Caretaker/site manager

Salary details: Grade 7

Schools: New Mill Infant school and New Mill Junior School

Contract Type: Substantive post following a successful probationary period

Working Pattern: 52 Weeks

Hours per Week: 30 hours

Closing date: 9am Monday 6th November 2023

Interviews: To be confirmed with the applicant/s

Start Date: ASAP

We are seeking to recruit an enthusiastic, conscientious, highly motivated and capable caretaker / site manager for our two schools.

New Mill Infant and New Mill Junior schools are warm and welcoming schools, committed to ensuring that the children are at the heart of everything we do. We are looking for someone with a good range of skills including general DIY, security and grounds maintenance which ensures that pupils and staff are able to work in a welcoming, clean and safe environment. The role also involves the opening and locking up of the schools on both sites.

Our ideal candidate will be:

  • Responsible for maintaining and improving our school environment both internally and externally including grounds maintenance
  • Responsible for the opening and locking up of both school sites
  • Competent and confident in carrying out minor repairs in an efficient and safe manner to a high standard
  • Able to organise and prioritise work effectively and source and order consumables as required
  • Aware of Health and Safety requirements and able to identify any Health and Safety risks and deal with them accordingly (training will be offered)
  • Willing to complete training appropriate for the role
  • Able to complete all paperwork required to ensure the schools are compliant

You will need to:

  • Have practical experience that will enable you to fix and mend as required
  • Be able to carry out a range of physical tasks that will include lifting and carrying, working at heights, etc.
  • Be enthusiastic and helpful towards staff and children
  • Be open to training that will enable you to fulfil the role which may require additional hours to be worked
  • Have an understanding of H.A.S.A.W and C.O.S.H.H (training can be provided)

Full training and support will be given to the successful candidate.

Access to free health and well-being services including flu vaccination and physiotherapy.

If you require further information about the schools please visit the schools website


New Mill Infant and Junior Schools are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment. An enhanced DBS check is required for all successful applicants.

Completed forms should be returned directly to the School by post or by email to by 9am Monday 6th November 2023. Please add “As seen on” when applying, thank you.


To ensure the site and its buildings are operated on a day to day basis including opening, maintenance, security and cleaning.  To report major defects and issues to the appropriate line manager.

In accordance with the ethos of the school by positively interacting with colleagues, parents pupils and other building users.


  1. Customer Care
  2. Security & Building Operation
  3. Defect Repair
  4. Contract Control
  5. Cleaning Work
  6. Waste/Pest Control
  7. Handling Goods/Equipment
  8. Administration
  9. Health & Safety
  10. Fire and Evacuation
  11. Supervision
  12. Lettings
  13. General



  1. 1. Customer Care


  • Acting as a responsible adult role model for pupils and being a positive influence with regards to behaviour and attitude.


  • Being a positive member of the school staff maintaining good relationships with building users and other members of the school community.


  • Acting as an ambassador for the School as a first contact on a wide range of building users.


  • Ensure that all enquiries and visitors to the premises are dealt with in a prompt, courteous and efficient manner as required under the Authority’s standards, recognising the wide range of diverse needs and expectations.


  • Interacting with building users to understand their requirements and advise them on the best way to ensure that they are met.


  • Setting up efficient and effective booking systems to ensure that all staff can advise whether bookings are possible, or whether there is the need to modify timings or to decline bookings.


  • Presents a positive image of themselves and the service by ensuring that Customers receive a courteous and professional service to meet their needs. This includes explaining when things are not possible giving reasons and suggesting alternatives.


  • New and potential customers are given access to and escorted round for viewing of premises.


  • Consideration is given to the building users requirements with measures put in place to ensure that wherever possible they are met, including adjusting room layouts where it is practical to do so.


  • Responsible for the security of the site including ensuring that unidentified or unexpected people in the building or on site are appropriately challenged to ensure that there are no potential child protection issues or security risks, reporting concerns and liaising with other agencies as appropriate.


  • Responsible for ensuring that contractors on site work in an appropriate manner in compliance with Authority policies and health and safety regulations to maintain the health and safety of pupils, building users and visitors.


  1. Security & Buildings Operation


  • Opening and closing premises, facilities and grounds to meet the routine and non-routine requirements of the building’s occupants.


  • Carry out security procedures for buildings, facilities and grounds, i.e. security inspections (lock/unlock doors, activate/deactivate automated alarm equipment), identifying repairs, identifying suspicious occurrences and liaising with police and Authority officers accordingly.


  • Operating the heating plant so that adequate temperatures are maintained in the premises (subject to the degree of control in the school) and that a supply of hot water is provided within the statutory temperature range.


  • Carry out routine specified operating procedures/ inspections on ancillary equipment or facilities e.g. swimming pools, sewage systems, sewage pumps, cesspits, air conditioning units, compressors etc.


  • Operating the water, electricity and heating systems to specified standards ensuring conservation measures are taken.


  • Carry out activities to ensure that reasonable access is possible in times of inclement weather.


  • To attend call out as required.


  • Grounds maintenance activities (as appropriate to training and equipment) for example litter picking and weed-killing.


  • Patrol the grounds and deal with building issues that may arise.


  1. 3. Defect Repair


  • Oversight of identifying and collating defects and repairs that require attention and initiating action for their rectification; following consultation with their manager and/or working within the agreed budgetary and operational procedures in the school.


  • Carry out “first aid” emergency repairs to ensure building security as the need arises.


  • Within his/ her competence carrying out an individually specified range of repairs.


  1. Contract Control


4.1     On behalf of the Head teacher, premises or location manager ensure the contractors work is undertaken in accordance with the contractual obligations and comply with health and safety requirements


4.1.1  Rendering reports to Client Services’ and location managers            regarding deviations from standards.


4.2     On behalf of the Head teacher/Premises Manager/Senior Caretaker act as a liaison point to monitor the progress of defect rectification work with contractors to ensure that defects are repaired promptly within agreed timescales.


4.3    Ensure that the contract cleaners are monitored and ensure that the daily routines are completed properly and in accordance with procedures and that the following standards of the performance contract specification are maintained.


4.3.1.  Immediately informing the cleaning contractor of the absence of a cleaner or of any problems with cleaning standards, staff, equipment, materials and methods.


4.3.2   Redirecting cleaning staff in the event of absences, obtaining cleaning contractor approval if overtime is required.


4.3.3   Advising the cleaning contractor if it has not been possible to reorganise cleaning arrangements or to redirect staff to enable arrangements to be made to provide relief staff.



  1. Cleaning Work


  • Organise and perform own cleaning duties to the LA’s required standard (ie cleaning specification).


  • Perform occasional non routine cleaning tasks as and when required eg, window blinds, shampoo carpets, internal windows of outer walls, internal and external surfaces of outer doors and partitions in entrance areas.


5.3     Organise any cleaning that could not be foreseen and planned on a routine basis by using cleaning contractors’ personnel within the terms of the contract (where doubt exists the Authority’s cleaning supervising officer should be contacted to provide the ruling).


5.4     Responsible for stripping, sealing and polishing floor surfaces to meet the building requirements.  Although the cleaning of wooden floors that require re-sealing are generally the caretaker’s responsibility if the school is part of the LA cleaning contract, the stripping of floors is a contractors responsibility.  In this instance caretakers are, therefore, only responsible for re-sealing the wooden floors.


5.5     Ensure that all footpaths are free from weeds (with or without the use of chemicals).


5.6     Ensure ground drain gullies, toilets and sink outlets remain free flowing and clean.


5.7     In the event of snow, frost or minor flooding or similar emergency situations ensure access to at least one entrance to the school and entrance to the kitchen is provided.





  1. Waste/Pest Control


  • Dispose of rubbish and ensure unimpeded access for refuse collectors to enable bins and containers to be emptied without hazard or hindrance.


  • Ensure that overnight, the building is clear of all collected rubbish.


  • Report all evidence of vermin/pests immediately to the nominated environmental officer.


6.4     Ensure that all litterbins are emptied as and when required.


6.5     Ensure the site is litter free, as far as is reasonable practicable, using appropriate machinery subject to relevant training.


6.6     Responsibility for the collection and storage of yellow bagged clinical waste to a designated safe area and arrange for disposal through the authorised school representative.


  1. Handling Goods/Equipment


  • To be responsible for ensuring that adequate supplies of fuel and cleaning materials are available. To order, receive and where relevant, store fuel supplies, cleaning materials and cleaning equipment.


  • To organise and assist in the movement of furniture and fittings in support of cleaning and in relocating furniture and fittings to enable individually specified activities to take place during normal building hours as specified by the location manager and as required during periodic clean-downs.


  1. Administration


  • To check and process all relevant timesheets and forward them for payment.


  • Ensure own timesheets are filled in correctly and pass to authorised signatory to arrange payment.


  • To report the need for repairs and replacement of cleaning equipment to the cleaning contractor.


  • Report breakdowns of boiler plant to the appropriate authority.


  • To inform their manager of any repairs that are required.


  • To maintain required stock records and carry out stock taking from time to time (at least annually) in accordance with instructions.


  • To have responsibility for records with respect to:

Cleaning contract records

Accident reporting

COSHH information sheets

Defect register

Machinery maintenance and operating logs.

Energy conservation logs

Fire equipment logs

Risk assessments

Other records as specifically directed by his / her line manager or the location manager


  • Setting up and maintaining routines to manage processes.





  1. 9. Health & Safety


9.1       Take reasonable care of the health and safety of self, other persons and resources whilst at work.  Co-operate with management as far as is necessary to enable the responsibilities placed upon the School under the health and Safety at Work Act to be performed, eg, operate safe working practices.


9.2       Ensure equipment used by caretaking staff is validated and is in a safe and working condition and support the cleaning staff to undertake the same responsibility.


9.3     To provide access to the school’s first aid facilities, equipment and telephone.


9.4     To ensure that employees of the contractor comply with HASAW/COSHH regulations.


9.5     To monitor all relevant Health and Safety Standards aspects within the building as may apply under Health and Safety Legislation.


9.6     To identify during the course of normal duties departures from the LA’s standards and report where necessary.


  • Fire and Evacuation


  • To ensure that the buildings fixed fire appliances are fitted, accessible and have not been damaged and that safety measures/fittings are not being misused: liaising with the Authority’s fire officers to rectify any deficiencies.


  • Test fire alarms in accordance with the schools procedures.


  • To comply with the building emergency procedures with respect to evacuation fire, bombs, etc.



  • Supervision


  • To have concern for all aspects of the cleaning contractor’s staff


  • welfare and to provide guidance and support. To seek guidance if necessary on matters unable to resolve.


  • Supervise and monitor the standards of work undertaken by cleaning staff and take appropriate action (including accessing suitable training), where necessary.


  • On a day to day basis organise cleaners to other areas of work resulting from: Unacceptable standards, events/functions which require urgent cleaning and unforeseen occurrences i.e. flood, responding to requests from location manager etc.


  • Responsible for the maintenance of on site and call out cover. Respond to call outs.


  1. 12. Letting


12.1    To undertake any lettings previously agreed with the Governing Body.


12.2    To act as entertainment licence holder or nominated licence holder if required to do so by the Headteacher.


  1. General


13.1   As part of your wider duties and responsibilities you are required to promote and actively support the School’s/LA’s responsibilities towards safeguarding.  Safeguarding is about keeping people safe and protecting people from harm, neglect, abuse and injury.  It is about creating safe places, being vigilant and doing something about any concerns you might have.  It isn’t just about the very old and the very young, it is about everyone who may be vulnerable.

13.2   Carry out your duties with due regard to current and future School’s/LA’s policies, procedures and relevant legislation.  These will be drawn to your attention in your appointment letter, your statement of particulars, induction, ongoing performance development and through School communications.







DIRECTORATE:     Children & Young People                                                          SECTION:   All Schools Model


JOB  TITLE:           Caretaker (7)                                                                                GRADE: 7









Previous experience of caretaking, or a job which includes similar duties.


Experience of supervising staff.

Application Form/ Selection  Process


Application Form/ Selection  Process





 2. EDUCATION AND TRAINING ATTAINMENTS 2.1 Manual Handling training.



Application Form/ Selection  Process/ Certificates B
















Understanding of H.A.S.A.W. and C.O.S.H.H.



Knowledge of effective caretaking and cleaning practices and procedures.


Familiarity with heating boiler operation and safety.


Knowledge of and commitment to the Local Authority’s Equality and Diversity Policy and how it relates to the duties of the job.


Knowledge of health and safety working practices.


Application Form/ Selection  Process


Application form/ Selection  Process


Selection Process


Selection Process



Selection Process



































Practical skills and ability to carry out basic repairs/maintenance.


Ability to work effectively as both part of a team and as an individual.


Literacy skills sufficient to be able to complete basic paperwork (eg wage sheets, order forms etc).


Ability to communicate effectively with staff and members of the public.



Ability to prioritise work.



Ability to supervise a team including allocation of work and performance management.


Selection Process


Selection Process


Selection  Process



Application Form/ Selection  Process


Application Form/ Selection  Process


Application Form/ Selection  Process































Ability to work occasional evenings.


Ability to move heavy furniture, equipment etc.


Ability to attend out of hours alarm call-outs.


Commitment to undertake continued training and development.


Willingness to undertake an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check.  Please note a conviction may not exclude candidates from employment but will be considered as part of the selection process.


Selection Process


Selection Process


Selection Process


Selection Process


Application Form/ Selection  Process












Please make sure that you demonstrate your ability to meet the requirements of the job by giving clear, concise examples of how you meet each criteria on your application form.  The letters A, B and C in the “Rank” column refer to the importance we will give your answers when we read your applications.  You must have all the A’s on day one to be able to do the job, you need to have all the B’s to do the job, but they could be learnt during the induction, and if you have C criteria this would be an additional bonus.  We recognise and welcome our responsibility to remove any barriers in our Recruitment and Selection process for disabled people.  We have tried to do this, but if you have a disability and identify any barriers in the job description or employee specification, please tell us of these in your application.  We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to the job wherever possible and it would help us to know your needs in order to do this.

 Where criteria are to be identified through the “Selection Process”, this may involve written exercises, group discussions, presentations, interview etc.


Grade 7 Caretaker Oct 2014

CA07 – Grade 7.Caretaker

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