Apprentice Technical Dyer & Colourist – Camira Fabrics

Apprentice Technical dyer and colourist

A multi-award-winning textile manufacturer with two centuries of heritage and a forward-thinking approach to innovation and sustainability, Camira designs and manufactures environmental fabrics for the commercial, public transport and residential sectors.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to produce highly specialised dyes and colours to provide dye and colour chemistry in the production of textiles, apparel, upholstery and fashion fabrics.


Create and monitor dye profiles for batch production and batch reporting, ensuring that appropriate decision making to tackle fault or quality issues is effectively undertaken

Understand dyeing chemistry best robust dyeing receipts in line with quality requirements, reliability and ecology.  

Perform effectively within a team environment and build strong positive working relationships with internal and external customers, colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers to ensure the mission and the ethos of the company is maintained.

Understand data colour spectrophotometer and build on versional perception and date colour. 

Ability to scale up production from lab to production floor. 

Identify and formulate problem solving technical problems associated with errors or critical failures within the coloration industry

Carry out technical dye profiling for batch production, batch reporting analytics and problem solving/decision making to tackle fault or quality issues

Use pressure (jet) and atmospheric dyeing techniques and machinery to produce dyed fibres, yarns and fabrics including jig/winch, loose stock, vat, hank, yarn and top dyeing variations

Identify types of dye process needed to ascertain variations and differences of natural and man-made fibres, such as polyesters, wools, cottons and nylons

Maintain atmospheric and pressure dyeing systems, ensuring that presses, hoists and dispensary equipment including effluent control are managed and maintained, machinery utilisation is maximised, and downtime minimised through effective maintenance

Scrutinise the impact of environment science on dyeing and colouration processes and manage treatments that impact on the environment (such as spillage, effluent leakage, process controlling, implication and remedial activity)

Use relevant ICT systems and machinery such as flow control, valve pressure, valve opening machines and spectrometers to determine the correct dye colour


Preferred grading 4 in Maths, English and Chemistry

Good colour vision 

Interest in colour matching, textiles and chemistry 

Contact Email: or call on 07540219000. 

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