The Heat is on at Holmfirth Tech … for now

The Heat is on at Holmfirth tech … for now

Like everyone else The Tech is facing a huge increase in energy bills.  Despite controlling running costs very tightly  and doing our very best to recover from Covid, we may not to be able to keep the building open for much longer.

It is still not clear what, if any help, will come from the Government’s Energy Bill Relief scheme.  But we do know our gas and electricity bills will jump from £10,000 to £45,000.  An increase of £35,000!

And we need a new boiler!  The current one is unsafe and a replacement will cost an extra £10,000.

Everything was looking very positive.  The Parish Council has funded a new kitchen and a new gents’ toilet has been installed.  Bookings were building up steadily – then the energy contracts were up for renewal.  The bills are simply unaffordable.

Never daunted by challenge, the Directors have decided to ask local people for their help and are launching a fundraising campaign.  Supporters of the Tech are asked to donate through a Just Giving page.  As an exempt charity, all contributions are tax deductible and the Tech will benefit from gift aid.

Margaret Dale, one of the Directors; “The Tech is a resource for local people so we are asking everyone who cares about the building to ensure it stays open.  We have exciting plans for the future, particularly as a safe space for young people and a place where exciting things happen for people of all ages.  We have over 30 different types of activity on offer just now and want to expand the range considerably over the next year – if only we can get through this Winter.  There are other ways in which you can help the Tech.  We are keen to hear from local businesses who may want to sponsor the Tech or make contributions in other ways.  To safeguard the Tech for the long term, the windows need to be replaced and new guttering will be needed.  We are happy to hear all ideas.”

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with Simon via if you want to help.



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