Holmfirth Tech Needs Your Help!

The cold truth

Like everyone else The Tech is facing a huge increase in energy bills. We are in a position where our not-for-profit finances are run so tightly that we may not to be able to keep the building open in the short term and possibly even over the long term.

Despite our very best efforts to recover from Covid and increase our income, we cannot cover the increased cost of heating The Tech. We don’t know what, if any help, will come from the Government’s Energy Bill Relief scheme.

We do know our gas and electricity bills will jump from £10,000 to £45,000.

An increase of £35,000!

And we need a new boiler!

The current one is unsafe and a replacement will cost an extra £10,000.

Can you share the pain?

We are lucky to have you, over 500 supporters, who use the Tech and care about its future. We hate having to do this, but if each of you were to pledge £50 we would be over half way to managing our way through this current situation.

If you can’t stretch this far, less is fine and if you can give more, the more the better. We thought we’d suggest a sum so show just how possible it will be to get The Tech through the winter.

Here is a link to our Just Giving page

We’re an exempt charity so all contributions are tax deductible!

Every little counts

Over 300 people use the Tech every week to meet other people, for arts and music and other types of activity or for co-working and business. We don’t ask them to support the running of The Tech just the organisations which hire our rooms but if all these people would donate a £1 every time they used us we could guarantee to keep them warm over the winter.

We’ve placed an honesty box in our reception area so the Tech users can help us with small donations when they visit.

Warming to our theme

Next door to the honesty box you will find a suggestion box. We welcome any and all fundraising ideas related to how we can cope with our current situation and indeed any feedback about any aspect of how we run The Tech generally.

We can think of a few initiatives we don’t currently pursue e.g. sponsorship, benefit in kind donations e.g. we need double glazed windows and new guttering but happy to hear all ideas.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Centre Manager via centre.manager@holmfirthtech.co.uk with if you want to help.

Thank you for caring.

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