Holmfirth Duck Race 2022 Winners….

Holmfirth Duck Race 2 – photo by Andy Leader

‘Duck Race’ in Holmfirth – thousands of ducks are tipped  into the River Holme in the centre of the Holmfirth and the first one to reach the park about half a mile away wins a cash prize.  The annual Duck Race is organised by the Round Table and has been running since 1983 (with a couple of years off for Covid) and raises thousands of pounds for charity.  Each duck has its own unique number and local people pay £2 to have a duck put into the race.  Ducks get caught in the river bank along the way and the river is full of helpers and children trying to rescue them.

Sylvia Web’s duck won this year’s race and Dysons Jewellers won the Corporate (blue duck) prize!
Winners – photo from the Holmfirth Duck Race page
Holmfirth Duck Race – photo Andy Leader
Children help to move the ducks out into the river – Holmfirth Duck Race – photo by Andy Leader

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