Holmepride – Community in Action – Crown Bottom Car Park Update

A good variety to report on this time, so I hope you find them interesting and engaging.
I’ll start with improvements first around Holmfirth and surrounding areas.
One of our newer volunteers, Joanne Priestley went out on her own and got 3 more lampposts painted and one’s that many of you pass by daily.
Two were on Huddersfield Road, one opposite the exit from Crown Bottom car park and another by the nearby traffic lights. The third was opposite Holme Coffee House on the corner. All 3 now shining Hammerite black and all 3 needed preparations done to them prior to painting, so nice job done Joanne.
On the same corner as the 3rd lamppost, this corner weeded and new plants installed, thus being the first step of improving the School Street garden.
Up the road towards Hinchliffe Mill, the Holmfirth sign is currently getting painted and will go back up on the corner of Modd Lane and Woodhead Road.
The old phonebox outside the Post Office is on the agenda of the full Holme Valley Parish Council meeting, where it’s hoped that at least this will get the go ahead to get it painted at least. Instead of the top of the phonebox showing it as “The Veg Box”, like the one in Wooldale as previously reported, it could say simply “Holmfirth”. By doing this, it could have diffetent usages throughout the year, a Veg, Fruit and plant donation point for people with excess of items they have spare to share for 6 monrhs of the year, then other uses for the other 6 months.
For the 6 months of Veg, Fruit & Veg donations, it would need someone to take responsibility for checking on this new initiative. If  nobody comes forward to help with this, regrettably, this will not be able to be progressed, so CAN YOU HELP?. If so, do get in touch with a message to :-
Steve and Helen (mentioned above) have suggested having a book share scheme inside the Post Office.
The youth of the Holme Valley continue to show a good example in keeping our areas clean.
Other groups have made contact to litter pick are :-
29 x 6th Holme Valley Thor Cubs are out on 29th June.
20 x Meltham Scouts on 4th July
xx 7th Holme Valley (Holmfirth) Beavers on 7th July
TBA  September – Holmfirth Guides
If there any schools in the Holme Valley or further afield that want to borrow our litter pickers, do get in touch.
If anyone can help with some small things I want to set up (like how to get volunteers onto a WhatsApp group, do get in touch, it would be a much better method than emailing everyone).
Well, many thanks for your continued support.
Win and Karen

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