Cabinet to review plans for improved access to Holmfirth town centre

Cabinet to review plans for improved access to Holmfirth town centre

On Tuesday 5 July, a decision will be made at Cabinet on proposals to greatly improve the accessibility and attractiveness of Holmfirth town centre.

The Holmfirth Town Centre Access Plan (HTCAP) is a multimillion-pound plan to improve one of Kirklees’ most picturesque tourist towns, supported by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and the Kirklees Capital Fund.  If approved, the plans are set to provide great accessibility benefits for the town centre.

A priority would be to create wider, safer footways which would support both able-bodied and disabled visitors to Holmfirth town centre.  Footways on Huddersfield Road, Victoria Street and Hollowgate would be widened, and three new routes would be created between Huddersfield Road and Hollowgate.

Another large part of the scheme would be tackling issues with congestion by altering the way traffic flows through the town centre, improving journey times in and out of Holmfirth.  A 20mph limit would be introduced throughout the town centre, which should improve both safety and local air quality.

Updates are also planned to loading provision on Victoria Street, with a new loading bay and two disabled parking spaces to be introduced on the north side.  These proposed changes to Victoria Street would aim to prevent illegal parking whilst providing businesses and disabled users with dedicated loading and parking facilities.

As well as improving access, the scheme also aims to make Holmfirth’s bustling town centre even more attractive through public realm improvements.

The plans include the creation of a multi-use car park and events space, through development of the existing town centre car park and the site of the old market hall, which will be demolished.  This new and improved car park would include two additional parking spaces, installation of four  electric vehicle (EV) charging points as well as better access to existing ones which are currently difficult to utilise.  The disabled parking spaces would also be moved to a more appropriate location at the level end of the car park, allowing much easier disabled access.

The design of the new space has been future-proofed, with the capacity to add more EV charging points – supporting the council’s ambitious plan to make Kirklees carbon neutral by 2038 – and the capability to support many different kinds of event for local residents and visitors alike.

Installation of multiple water and electricity utility points would allow the car park and newly widened bridge to function as a community event space, mirroring the usage of St. George’s Square in Huddersfield town centre – where markets and events take place throughout the year, drawing in visitors and boosting the local economy.

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation is planned for July, which will inform upcoming improvements to the town centre’s roads and traffic flow.  Following this, further consultation is planned for autumn 2022, which will give Holmfirth residents the chance to have their say on further improvements through the Local Centres programme.

You can find out more about the Holmfirth Town Centre Access Plan (HTCAP) online at


Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Growth & Regeneration, says:

“Holmfirth is one of the most beautiful and bustling towns in Kirklees, so it’s vitally important that we maintain and improve this town centre for locals and visitors alike.

“The extra parking places created by the scheme so close to the town centre should help the many and varied local businesses attract more customers, and help ensure that Holmfirth continues to be a vibrant and attractive place to visit.

“As well as improving access, we’ll also be creating a new, versatile events space, which could be used to run events throughout the year, and draw in hundreds of new visitors from far and wide.

“We’re planning for the future with Holmfirth, as we are with town centres across Kirklees.  These improvements are about changing with the times and creating a town centre that works for everyone, and continues to help local businesses thrive.”


Councillor Eric Firth, Cabinet Member for Transport, says:

“If these multimillion-pound transformational plans are approved by Cabinet, it will make the town centre much more safe and accessible for both cars and pedestrians.

“We very much hope to see these plans granted by Cabinet, and are looking to the bright future of Holmfirth through this work and more to come.”


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