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The challenges of climate change seem so immense it can often be difficult to see our route to a more sustainable way of life.  There are however stories of hope, and local organisations taking on the challenge of finding ways to have a positive impact.  HoTT Wind at Longley is a perfect example of how local people are working together to build a better future. Operating since 2015 the wind turbine at Longley Farm has not only been generating renewable energy for the dairy, replacing that taken from the national grid, some of the surplus funds from the project have also been gifted (through the Bright Green Community Trust) to local community groups, helping them deliver eco-friendly ideas that further contribute to a better environment.

The Bright Green Community Trust, managed independently of HoTT Wind at Longley, has its own board of Trustees who consider applications to the fund.  Since 2017 the fund has awarded over £100,000 in grants, supporting over 40 local projects.  These range from upgrades to insulation or lighting in community buildings to educational programmes delivered in Holme Valley schools.  All ideas that have environmental and community benefits are welcomed and new applications will be accepted next July – look out for the launch on the One Community Foundation website.

The fairandfunky Smoothie bike is one of the many projects the Bright Green Community Trust have been pleased to support.  It provides an interactive tool to educate primary school students on a number of ethical issues including recycling, energy, food waste, healthy eating and Fairtrade. fairandfunky calculated that 30 bottled smoothies would use approximately 0.16 tonnes of CO2 to produce, however 30 smoothie bike powered smoothies would use 0.04 tonnes of CO2, reducing carbon emissions significantly and it’s great fun too!

Having successfully worked with local schools, charities and sports clubs, HoTTWind@Longley is excited to announce the launch of a new fund, open to Holme Valley businesses – The Bright Green Business Fund.  We are looking for innovative ideas that just need that helping hand to turn them into a reality. If your small to medium sized business has green ambitions then The Bright Green team may be able to help.

The Fund will be accepting applications from Wednesday 20th April, towards projects with clear environmental benefit.  Ideas that will be considered include:

  • Projects that have clear environmental benefits to a business
  • Projects that increase sustainability of the business
  • Projects that increase the energy efficiency of the business
  • Installation of Renewable Energy
  • Projects that help reduce waste from the business
  • Projects that reduce or prevent pollution from the business
  • Projects that reduce consumables used by the business
  • Carbon reduction projects
  • Creation of Green Jobs

Applications should not exceed £10,000 and may be as small as £1000. The fund will give priority to projects seeking a contribution but from businesses also prepared to invest in their idea. For more information, please contact


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