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Holmfirth Events is the one stop website for all local businesses and members of the community to access local information on businesses, jobs* and events in Holmfirth and the Holme Valley and surrounding area.

You can maximise exposure to your business and help raise your profile by taking advantage of one of our many opportunities to promote your business across our Holmfirth Events website, listing via our website, using our social media sources.

To help you understand what you get for your money with us, we have summarised all the information you need to know about any listing or advertisement you place with us – some are only available as part of a package.

Listing Charges Summary (see our rate card below for more details about what is covered)

Home Banner Advert Listings – £150 for 3 months / £300 6 months / £500 Year
Side Banner Advert Listings – £100 for 3 months / £200 6 months / £370 Year
The Banner adverts include a business listing, events & Jobs listing

Business, Events & Jobs Listings – £150 year / £75 Bi-Annual or  £12.75 month (dd)
Business & Events listing – £120 year / £60 6 months / £10.25 month (dd)
Business & Jobs Listing – £120 year / £60 6 months / £10.25 month (dd)
Business Listing Only – £70 year / £35 6 months / £6.10 month (dd)
Events Listing Only – £60 / £30 6 months / 5.25 month (dd)
Job Listings Only – £30 (2 weeks) / £40 (4 weeks)
Single Event Listing – £10

To find out more about prices and what’s included in our packages you can view our rate card below.


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Or click HERE to view as PDF

Our Homepage Banner Campaign gives you VIP access to all our advertising and promotional services and prices start from as little as £150 for 3 months. With this you’ll also receive the following and much more:

  • Advert appears on all pages of Holmfirth Events website
  • A side banner advert campaign
  • FREE business listing, with your own dedicated webpage (6 months or over)
  • Social Media sharing
  • FREE job listings
  • FREE ‘featured listing’ on the home page
  • FREE events banner on the What’s On page (linked to your events)
  • FREE event listings
  • You can change your banner advert throughout your campaign at no extra cost
  • You will receive weekly automated statistics

Our Side Banner Campaign will show your advert on all pages (except our Home Page) and prices start from as little as £100 for 3 months. With this you’ll also receive the following and much more:

  • FREE business listing, with your own dedicated webpage (over 6 months)
  • Social Media sharing
  • FREE job listings
  • FREE event listings
  • You can change your banner advert throughout your campaign at no extra cost.
  • You will receive weekly automated statistics Click here to find out more about the Banner Advertising

Our Business listings are a dedicated webpage to promote your business on the Holmfirth Events website. You can include as much or as little information as you like, including any URL addresses to direct the reader directly through to your website, Twitter or Facebook (and any other sites you choose).

By listing your business with us, we:

  • Create a dedicated webpage for your business on Holmfirth Events website
  • Add your business to the relevant dedicated categories making it easy to find you
  • Generate more business for you
  • Generate maximum exposure for your business
  • Increase footfall to Holmfirth and Holme Valley areas
  • Boost local economy
  • Direct clicks through to your website from our website
  • Holmfirth Events is an authority domain – a link to us will increase your own internet ranking on your website
  • Direct clicks through to your social media outlets
  • Increase engagement on your social media pages

Scroll to the bottom to see what info we need from you for us to get you listed.

Our Food blog can be found in our Eat & Drink section of the website and is a dedicated space where you can publish all your menus, alongside a photo of your choice. Divided into categories such as ‘Afternoon Tea’, ‘Breakfast in Holmfirth’ and ‘Sunday Lunch’ to name a few, this section is perfect for bars, restaurants and cafes to promote what you have to offer locals and tourists who visit your business. These have been optimised for optimal website visability.  Your photos are also added to our Facebook Foodies Album on Holmfirth Events Facebook page.

Social media – at Holmfirth Events we’re extremely proactive and supportive with social media and helping promote local businesses who advertise and list with us. We post on a regular basis, so we are always out there and seen! We attempt to like and share your posts and pictures as much as possible whilst ensuring we keep in line with social media platform regulations. You can join in by telling us if you have something you’d specifically like us to share with our followers. We also help admin the Holmfirth Community Group, which has thousands of local people on it, and we can help put your business forward where relevant.

When you list an event or job with us, these also get shared on the following social media platforms which is brilliant for increasing your business profile, Holmfirth Events has active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and LinkedIn, which is great if your business is not on all those!.

Events are listed via:-

Jobs listed via:- (*Maximum of 4 every 6 months)

Instagram – we attempt to ‘love’ your photos where possible which then shows on Holmfirth Events Instagram feed, which promotes then to our followers – increasing reach and social engagement.

Facebook – we attempt to like and share your photos where possible, which then shows on Holmfirth Events Facebook and promotes to our followers – increasing reach and social engagement. You can tag Holmfirth Events in your posts which also increases the reach of your posts as this will also show your posts on our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page has a lot to offer, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s available:

  • We have a Facebook Foodies album where you can showcase food and drink on offer in Holmfirth
  • We publish your events to our page, which increases your reach, usually at different times, which again, improves it’s visability
  • We have albums for local campaigns such as Christmas and Valentines day where you can send us pictures you’d like publishing and we will tag your business for all our followers to see
  • You can promote any special offers you have on our Holmfirth Events Facebook page, or add a special Voucher Offer with us
  • You can publish competitions’ on our Holmfirth Events Facebook page

We retweet your tweets on a regular basis, which really improves your online presence, we also run the #HolmfirthHour on a Sunday Night from 8-9pm. All events and Job’s are posted via Twitter.

All our events, jobs and news posts are posted via Linked-in, both equally great platforms to increase visibility for your business.

We do a newsletter with Key upcoming events, current special offers, competitions and much more. We have a new “pop up” on our website which captures people visiting the website to sign up, so had a great following.

Our Jobs listings are the perfect way to advertise new opportunities to work for your business. Holmfirth Events has a respectable working relationship with CKC Careers and Kirklees Job centre and they regularly share our jobs. We also attend local Job Fayres to help promote local vacancies. It has it’s own Facebook and Twitter with a fantastic following, which makes it easier to find someone local to fill that position.

Click HERE to find out more details about job listing.

Holmfirth Events simply is a no brainer!


  • Company Name
  • Description (this can be as long as you like)
  • Full Postal Address with postcode
  • Tel No – Landline / Mobile
  • Email (Customer facing)
  • Email (Private – if different from above – for our communications to you)
  • Website URL – (http:/)
  • Facebook URL –…/
  • Twitter URL (…)
  • Linked in Company Page
  • Tripadvisor ULR
  • Foursquare URL
  • Behance / Dribbble URL
  • Vimeo / Youtube Channel
  • Flikr / Pinterest / Instagram URL’s
  • Pictures (Including one of the Outside of the premises) – 15 maximum
  • Company Logo
  • Opening Hours
  • Video link (Vimeo / YouTube)
  • If you have a Google Internal Street View, please let us know
  • Frequently asked questions (yes we can add those too!)
  • Menus (for Eat and Drink Blogs)
  • Events (to be submitted via our website – click HERE)

Plus Yes or No to the following features, these will show at the bottom of your listing.

  • WIFI Available
  • Dog Friendly
  • Disabled Access
  • Cards Accepted
  • Family Friendly
  • Walkers Welcome
  • Cycle Friendly
  • Function Room Available
  • Parking
  • Garden
  • Fairtrade
  • Food Available
  • Charging Point (for Electric Cars)

website features

An invoice will be produced for your records (we use Kashflow), and your listing will commence once payment is received (which can be done via bacs transfer for a “quick” listing!).

Automatic renewal listing invoices will be issues 14 days before renewal.

If you have any other enquiries about placing and advert or listing with us, please contact us by email at

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