Banner Advertisements

Click here to add a business listing only to our website

The banner adverts will give your business added exposure to the visitors to the website (thousands every month), click here to see our latest stats. They are “business card” sized – 270 x 150 pixels (landscape). You will automatically receive weekly automated statistics (clicks and impressions) and the advert can be changed during the period.

All the options are for a 3 month minimum period. A discount is available for a 12 month purchase where you will receive 1 month free.The banners will be linked to a URL of your choice (Website / Facebook / twitter page).

All companies taking out a banner advert for 6 months plus will receive a FREE business listing on the website for your business. please click this LINK for further details.

Animated gif files can also be accepted as well as jpeg, so the advert doesn’t have to be a static image (moving banners look great and really catch your eyes!)

The website automatically changes the adverts on every page clicked or refreshed, so is never the same!

There are 3 tiers of Banner advertising currently available:-

Home page Banner (with FREE side banner*)
This is banner on the home page of our website with a side banner on all other pages included, the cost is £150 for 3 months, £300 for 6 months (£50 a month), or discounted to £550 for 12 months . A FREE Business Listing applies if you take out 6 months or more. Up to 5 top banner adverts will be shown at the same time. The image size required is 270 pixels x 150. This will also include a free “Featured Business Listing”, on the home page. You will receive 3 seperate emails – One for Desktop Impressions, Mobile Phone and Side Banner Impressions.

Side Banner *
These are shown on the right hand side of all pages (Except the home page), the cost of these adverts is £100 for 3 months, £200 for 6 months, or discounted to £370 for 12 months. A FREE Business Listing also applies if you take out 6 months or more.

If you would like to add your banner to our website to help your business, please confirm the term required, invoicing instructions, and email us the image, please ensure the size of the advert is correct to your advert type(s).  Also please confirm the URL for the advert to link to, email for the stats to send to, along side a small “Hover” description –  a “one liner” describing your business.

If you need a banner advertisement creating, we can do that for you too!

If you have any further queries please email, thank you

Example Home Page Adverts:-

home page banners

Side Banners and Featured Listings

side banner